Savant Wellness Member Services

  • Telehealth Option. Meet with the doctor without having to leave your home or office.
  • Personal Health and Wellness Plan. We help you create a plan suited to your needs and goals.
  • Same-Day or Next Business Day Appointments. No medical issue is too small.
  • Access to Medical App. Our easy-to-use app lets you communicate when it’s convenient for you.
  • Comprehensive Office Visits. We review your medical history, medication list, and any risk factors.
  • Little to no wait time and longer appointments if necessary. We allow enough time to address your needs and answer all of your questions.
  • Emphasis on preventative medicine and long-term health and wellness.We empower you to take an active role in maintaining good health by educating you on your personal medical needs and risks.
  • Direct phone contact during office hours. If you’re experiencing an urgent medical issue then we will make every effort to speak with you at the time of your call.
  • You will have Doctor Savant’s Cell Phone number. Call Dr. Savant after hours if you’re experiencing an urgent medical issue. (For critical or life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.)
  • A Personal Team That Knows You. Our team is dedicated to your health and wellness. We’ll make sure that you have continuity of care regardless of doctor or medical facility.
  • Direct answers to questions about COVID-19. We’re here to help you get the right answers to keep you safe.

Helpful Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

To provide the highest quality medical care, emphasizing a proactive, comprehensive approach to disease prevention and health management while nurturing and strengthening our physician-patient relationship. We want our patients to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of their care.

Please see our Services above.

Dr. Savant is affiliated with St. Mary’s Medical Center and St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

Yes. Savant Wellness does not replace general health insurance coverage.

Yes. We bill your insurance company directly for office visits. If your insurance carrier/plan requires a co-pay, we will collect it at the time of service. Office visit charges are not included in your annual fee.

Yes. We will bill Medicare as well as your supplemental insurer on your behalf, as required by law.

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911. After you hang up, please contact us. We will assist in the coordination of your emergency care thereafter. Contact Dr. Savant before going to an urgent care facility at any time of the day or night.

Contact us for any questions or concerns while traveling.  Our mobile app is especially useful at these times. As always, call 911 first if you have a critical or life-threatening emergency.  

We know there are times when you may need to see a doctor outside of our practice. Savant Wellness is available to help you decide which specialists to see and to coordinate consultations so we can ensure your continuity of care.

Yes. Your annual fee gets you access to your Primary Care Physician regardless of your health. Because we’re focused on your total wellness, we encourage you to contact us with any medical conditions or questions throughout the year.

Today! Our practice is open to new membership throughout the year.

What are Dr. Savant’s credentials?

Private Practice/ San Francisco Bay Area

  • Since 2003

Internship and Residency

  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Internal Medicine


  • Medical College of Wisconsin, M.D.


  • College of the Holy Cross, BA Classics


  • San Francisco Medical Society, Nominations Committee
  • Former Chairman, Asian Physicians Advisory Committee, St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Medical Committee, St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Fulbright Scholar


Savant Wellness has been the perfect partner for our healthy, active lifestyle. Dr. Savant and his team are supremely responsive, professional and mesh seamlessly with our busy schedule. Dr. Savant is truly the best...knowledgeable, compassionate, proactive and focused on providing the highest level of care. We have peace of mind knowing that we belong to Savant Wellness.

- Angela and Larry Tse

Being a member of Savant Wellness for the past 18 years is one of the best decisions I made for my medical well being. I feel very at ease that I can get an appointment quickly and have the option to email or text directly and I know that I will get a quick response. Dr. Savant and his staff really care about their patients and I have truly benefited from being a member.

- Stan Switala
Head Coach/Owner
Collegiate Summer Baseball Club

We give Dr. Savant a five star rating. He is conscientious, compassionate, prompt, responsive, and most knowledgeable. Furthermore, he takes time to get to know you initially and spend time with you during your other appointments thereafter. One could not ask for a better doctor.

- Mark E. Tollison,
J.D., M.B.A., C.H.M.
Estate Manager
MATCO Enterprises, Inc.